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Delivery Times and Charges
Destination Shipping Cost* Total Delivery Time
United States, Canada 20 7-14 days
Western Europe 20 7-10 days
Eastern Europe 20 7-10 days
Ukraine Calculating automatically at the checkout using Nova Poshta 2-3 days
Other destinations 20 10-14 days

All orders are currently being shipped from our warehouse in Ukraine. We endeavour to ship your package within 4 working days of receiving your order. The time of delivery is the time in transit. So the days are measured from the time the order is dispatched. You will be emailed your tracking number when your order is dispatched.
Any custom fees and VAT are the responsibility of the customer.

*Note: shipping cost is calculated per one heavy product which includes one outerwear or footwear product. All of the small packages are going under lower shipping tariffs.

Order Terms and Conditions

Standard Delivery
All internatinal orders will be shipped within 72hrs, through National Mail company. Orders from Ukraine will be shipped within 24h through Nova Poshta. All orders are shipped from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm. If you receive a delivery notice, please pick your order up at the indicated post office. If the order doesnt arrive within 7-14 days, we give extra 16 days for some delay issues that are under our control and that are fully depend on local postage carrier.
Please note that you will be ask to present our ID.

Where can I receive my order?
It can be sent to an address selected by you (home, work, etc. – never a PO Box).

In case if the customer does not takes the parcel from post office and eventually the parcel returns to us automatically, we will reduce the shipping cost from our warehouse to our customer (€20) and from our customer local post to our warehouse (€20) from the original order value.